Multipurpose working vessel

One of the projects we are proud of in the Urk Maritime cluster is the construction and delivery of the Patriot working vessel. The Patriot is a sea-worthy, multipurpose working vessel that was specifically designed and built for crew tendering, hydrographic and seismological research, and survey work. The Patriot is the fourth ship by Braveheart Marine and was built by its subsidiary Javelin International in Urk.


The Patriot, a Javelin 25.25, is a multipurpose ship. The vessel is perfectly suited for support activities such as the construction and maintenance of wind farms, transporting provisions and materials, and diving operations.

The Patriot can be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, beyond the 200-mile zone. Such a large area of operation means the crew will occasionally remain at sea for long periods. For this reason the ship not only has a lot of work space and 12 seats, it also has more than 10 berths, two toilets and a shower, a water maker and a fully equipped kitchen.

Length 25,90 metres
Beam 7,00 metres
Draught 1,45 metres
Gross tonnage 127 tonnes
Propulsion 2x MAN V12 with 1.400 HP
Maximum speed 25 knots
Area of operation Sea Area A3
Drinking water capacity 4.000 litres
Fuel capacity 25.000 litres
Waste water tank 600 litres
Water maker 600 litres/12 hours
Accommodation 10 berths
2 toilets
1 shower
complete kitchen