Piet Brouwer Electrical Engineering

Piet Brouwer Electrical Engineering is a globally operating company with a wide range of clients. The culture of Urk plays an emphatic part in this company, which was founded more than 50 years ago, in 1961, by Piet Brouwer senior. Although its origin can be traced back to the installation of maritime electrical technology in cutters, there have been ongoing new developments.

Different branches

Bram Brouwer: “The Netherlands is a world leader when it comes to yacht building and we also operate in that business. The luxury yachts spend their winters in the Caribbean and their summers in the Mediterranean. They make the crossing twice a year; in October and in February or March. The first port of call is Majorca. After such a tough voyage a ship will often have suffered damage. We repair that damage. Our electricians therefore have to fly back and forth. In addition, we have our Marble Automation branch, which entails supplying all manner of automation to the maritime sector. For example, electrical alarm systems that monitor ships’ engines etc. We design these systems ourselves. We also work for the country’s largest brewery. We build emergency power supplies for their breweries in countries where the national grid is poor. In these places, we build containers fitted with a diesel engine and a generator as well as the switch cabinets. The containers are delivered in ‘plug and play’ condition. This kind of emergency power supply consists of several generators connected in parallel, which simultaneously forms the link to our maritime work. Our people currently operate in Central America, Asia and Africa.”

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