Urk has a large service port which recently underwent a thorough renovation. A considerable improvement in quality was achieved by the construction of a new jetty, the replacement of the quaysides and the widening of the service wharf. The modern port with corresponding facilities, favourable location and ample nautical knowledge and expertise provide Urk with the perfect starting point from which to grow into the maritime centre of the Northern-Netherlands in the next few years.

Complete expertise

The port area still forms one of the key pillars of Urk’s economy. Local companies have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of the construction, repair and maintenance of ships and maritime services. The public quay area offers space to smaller existing maritime companies and start-ups. Thanks to the far-reaching cooperation, Urk’s entrepreneurs are able to make the most of each other’s strong points. Since all parts of the chain are present in Urk, nautical construction projects can be carried out completely and efficiently there.

Accessibility by road

Thanks to its central location and direct connection to the A6 motorway, Urk is easily accessible by road. From Urk you can drive to cities such as Amsterdam and Groningen within the hour and Urk is also conveniently located for Schiphol, Lelystad Airport and Flevokust container terminal. There is ample parking on the port site. There is free car parking in the port and lorries can use the nearby Lemsterhoek business park.

Accessibility by water

Besides being easily accessible by road, Urk also benefits from being in a convenient location for transport over water. The village can easily be reached by shipping and lies on one of the busiest navigation routes in the Netherlands. Thanks to its location on the IJsselmeer, shipping is not affected by the tides.

Electricity and water

With the agreement of the port authority, companies around the working harbour may use the electricity boxes that supply three-phase electric power. In addition, there are facilities for supplying clean water and draining waste water.

Sanitation and lodging

In 2018, a completely new port pavilion with extensive toilet and shower facilities will be built on Urk’s port site. In addition, there will be various dining facilities and overnight accommodation around the port. This means you will be able to use one of the local bed & breakfasts for a longer stay.

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