Hoekman Shipbuilding

In the turbulent world of fishing and shipping, Hoekman Shipbuilding of Urk is a haven of quality and reliability. It’s a place where shippers have moored for the fitting of engines, machinery and all other systems that are needed on board for over fifty years. Hoekman Shipbuilding acts as principal contractor for the construction of new cutters and trawlers. In addition, the company can take care of the complete technical modernisation of existing fishing vessels.

Smooth interaction

The customer’s wishes form the starting point for Hoekman Shipbuilding’s work. They are always the focus within the informal and friendly atmosphere that characterises both Hoekman Shipbuilding and Urk. Our in-house design and drawing department integrates ideas and wishes into the final design. The initiative lies not only with the customer. At Hoekman, we remain closely involved in the business of our customers and also come up with our own ideas. This smooth interaction with the customer is what characterises Hoekman Shipbuilding.


Hoekman Shipbuilding’s roots are in fishing. The company has a great deal of experience in beam trawling in addition to pair trawling and twin-rig fishing off the coasts of England and Ireland. With a fresh perspective on this kind of ships, while retaining solid Dutch standards, it fits machinery, engines and RSW systems. Hoekman Shipbuilding has also worked with various subcontractors to deliver dozens of complete ships. Hoekman Shipbuilding also operates outside fishing.

Craftsmanship and cooperation

The great advantage of having a branch at Urk, one of the most important fishing towns in Western Europe, is that there is a broad selection of shipbuilding companies. Hull builders, painters, joiners, fitters, electrical engineers can all be found in Urk. For years, Hoekman has worked with various companies, all of which are linked to shipping. Like cogs, they mesh with one another at the right moment. It is for this reason that various partnerships, which have been assembled according to the nature of the project, are able to deliver a fantastic example of Dutch craftsmanship every time.

Projects Hoekman Shipbuilding