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The Urk Maritime cluster is an initiative by Bedrijvenkring Urk (Urk Business Club). Its aim is to coordinate the national and international promotion of the maritime skills of Urk’s business community by collaborating and showing what Urk’s companies can do for the domestic and global maritime sector.

“Our mission is to position Urk and its maritime business community as the premier maritime centre on the IJsselmeer.”

Urk Maritime is committed to combining forces by encouraging the exchange of knowledge and information about market developments, ongoing innovation and interconnectedness. It will attract maritime companies from beyond the municipal boundaries, create growth in the local maritime business community and increase job opportunities for school-leavers and more highly educated technical staff. Together this will result in the expansion and strengthening of Urk’s economy.

Favourable location

The former island of Urk, with its rich history in the fishing industry, lies on one of the busiest navigation routes in the Netherlands. The village offers easy access for shipping and its unique location on the IJsselmeer means it is not subject to tidal fluctuations. The construction of the new Maritieme Servicehaven Noordelijk Flevoland (Maritime Service Port North Flevoland) outside the dykes means there is sufficient space for larger yachts and working vessels. It is also easy to arrange transport by road: Urk lies directly on the A6 motorway and the Flevokust container terminal at Lelystad is within easy reach.

Excellent maritime training centre

Urk’s tradition has led to the creation of the town’s own modern maritime training centre. The new college building was opened in 2014. It offers a dynamic learning environment, uses the latest teaching methods and has the world’s most advanced simulators. Entrepreneurs work closely with the training institute so that the level of knowledge is continually matched with current job requirements and market demands. The centre thus operates like a flywheel for the far-reaching ambitions relating to the broadening of maritime technology and services.


Urk’s companies embody a local tradition of innovative drive and resilience that dates back to the period of land reclamation. This also applies to the maritime industry. Thanks to its distinctive, unique and innovative character, this business sector has managed to survive through all kinds of difficulties. The state-of-the-art, sustainable fishing ship MDV1 is a tangible product of this innovative urge. Each discipline continuously tries to keep abreast of the latest news and developments to maintain their lead in this dynamic sector.

From A to Z in one location

Thanks to the far-reaching cooperation, Urk’s entrepreneurs are able to make the most of each other’s strong points. They embrace the benefits of doing favours for each other and sharing knowledge. As all parts of the supply chain are present in Urk, a complete shipbuilding project can be fully completed here. Everything from A to Z in a single location. The lines of communication are short and the local companies are fully attuned to one another. When we consider the benefits of efficiency and cost savings it brings, this indeed makes Urk appealing to all nautical building projects great and small. Remember that even though Urk in terms of its location may not seem obvious, we can still deliver top-level work at other locations.

Strong maritime image

Urk can offer an unprecedented amount of maritime knowledge and skills. Its history has culminated in the village growing into the headquarters for countless maritime companies that operate worldwide in shipbuilding, maritime services, offshore, inland waterways and coastal shipping. All these disciplines are represented at Urk. The proof can be found in all the successfully completed projects both at home and abroad.


Urk’s companies are already actively involved around the world in projects surrounding the fishing and offshore industries, shipping and installation technology for shipbuilding. The fervent drive towards specialisation and innovation in the maritime field means the customer appeal of Urk’s companies stretches beyond the village and national borders. Its international focus presents excellent opportunities for building on Urk's reputation as an international maritime centre in the coming years.

Strong work ethic

Recent research has confirmed that Urk has the strongest work ethic in the Netherlands. Almost 75 percent of all inhabitants aged between 15 and 75 are in work. The people of Urk are renowned as hard-working craftsmen who don’t see their work as a nine-to-five job. This mentality is a key reason why companies choose to have their projects carried out in Urk.

Service oriented

Urk’s economic success arises from an extraordinary blend of a strong work ethic, hospitality, entrepreneurship and perseverance. This mentality is converted into a service-oriented business culture in which quality rather than quantity of products and services is paramount. Customers who come to Urk will benefit from our customer-oriented attitude.


In terms of their economic visions, the province of Flevoland and the municipality of Urk both support the further economic development of Urk, their focus being on the expansion of maritime activities. The future construction of the port outside the dykes will make Urk even more appealing as a place for maritime companies to set up business. With this development in mind, Urk Maritime aims to put Urk on the map as the leading international maritime centre once and for all!

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