MDV 2 and UK 225 successors of MDV 1

The UK 225 and the MDV 2 are the successors of the MDV 1 (Sustainable Fisheries Master Plan), which won the prestigious KNVTS Ship of the Year award. Every piece of knowledge and experience gained has been researched and implemented in case of positive findings.

The MDV 1 could be even better. After thorough research, approximately 200 change points and ideas came about. They were all taken along and implemented in the new UK 225 and MDV 2. The appearance is identical, but inside it is really different and even better.

The UK 225 and MDV-2 are diesel-electric powered and use approximately 80 percent less fuel than conventional beamtrawlers. It is a striking appearance, especially because of the hydrodynamic bow. This ensures that the ship is less bothered by waves and not only sails more economically but also more quietly. In addition, they have an anti-roll tank in the midship. This also ensures that the sea is less violent with heavy waves.

The engine room is now in the front, in the middle the fish hold and in the back the electricity. This means that the generators in the front power the electric motors in the stern. The advantage of this layout is that the head does not drop when filling the fish holds, because the weight is in the center of the ship. The crane has been moved more to the center of the aft deck, it can now unload on both starboard and port side.

The efficiency of current technology such as propulsion, electrical, propellers and AIS coupled to computers is much better attuned to each other and provides an enormous insight into fishing and sailing. The digital world and sensors bring many advantages, which means that the cost price per kilo of fish is lower