ZZL grant application by BKU, Braveheart and ROC Friese Poort to strengthen Urk’s maritime cluster

A few years ago, BKU and a group of maritime companies started the Urk Maritime cluster. The cluster’s aim was to put Urk on the map as a maritime centre. It took part in the maritime trade fair in Gorinchem and this year, Europort is also on the agenda. In addition, a number of promotional activities were scheduled.

Last month under the coordination of Braveheart Marine, the cluster joined ROC Friese Poort in submitting an application for a substantial subsidy from the Zuiderzeelijn Fund. Braveheart Marine can use the grant to make possible the construction of the new Javelin at Urk. ROC Friese Poort wants to use the subsidy to promote the maritime and technical training courses at Urk so that more young people become aware of the fact that the maritime sector will be able to provide them with a good living in the future.

BKU wants to use Urk Maritime to provide a significant boost to the marketing and communications plans. "We in fact want to use this subsidy for all the promotions for the port outside the dykes for the coming years. It will give us even more opportunity to tackle that job in a professional way. We already have the plans needed to demonstrate what we are all capable of in the Urk maritime sector”, explains Lourens de Boer, president of the Urk Maritime cluster.