ZZL contribution for strengthening Urk’s maritime businesses

Up to half a million euros of the Zuiderzeelijngelden Noordelijk Flevoland (ZZL-NF) fund will be allocated to the running of the 'Strengthening Urk Maritime' project. The Provincial Executive has decided to grant the subsidy application submitted by Braveheart Marine BV on behalf of the participants in the maritime cluster.

Driving the economy

The aim of the project is to encourage cooperation that concentrates on expanding and strengthening the maritime sector of Northern Flevoland. Urk was originally the birthplace of the maritime businesses in Northern Flevoland and it wants to strengthen this role ahead of the planned construction of the Maritieme Servicehaven Noordelijk Flevoland (Northern Flevoland Maritime Service Port) to the south of Urk in a few years’ time. Joining forces through cooperation between companies in the areas of innovation, business development, marketing activities and the sharing of knowledge and education will give the maritime sector in Northern Flevoland a chance to maximise the benefits the arrival of the maritime service port will bring.

Urk’s priorities

Half of the resources needed to run the project comes from private contributions from Braveheart BV, the SME businesses involved and education. The granting of the application for €500,000 from ZZL funds means the whole project budget is covered and the project can get underway. Alderman Freek Brouwer is delighted about this: “One priority of the municipality of Urk’s economic policy is the continued development of maritime Urk. The “Strengthening Urk Maritime” project fits seamlessly into this and ties in with the vision and principles of the Zuiderzeelijn Fund.”n.

The project will last three years and is expected to be completed at the end of 2019.