New initiative by Weforsea; relieving the fishing industry.

In addition to Weforsea Crowdfunding, another new company has been set up under the name of Weforsea Shipping. This sister company of Weforsea is a new initiative by Louwe Post (Post Consultancy & Weforsea) and focuses on the fishing industry.

Shouldering part of the burden of fishing industry entrepreneurs This organisation was set up to relieve some of the burden of fishers. “Fishers need to do what they are good at; that is fishing and we are here to take all the other things off their hands”, according to Louwe. These include management of the fishing businesses, joint storage and purchasing, administration, licensing and quota management, liaising with financiers, etc.

Also, the real-time monitoring of many things on board fishing vessels will take place in the office and forecasting power can take care of certain things in advance (e.g. maintenance, engine management, etc.) and VR technology can be used to provide direct shore-based support in the event of, say, engine problems. These are ambitious plans towards which the first steps are currently being taken.