MDV chosen as Company of the Year

In the summer of 2015, the MDV 1 'Immanuel' was handed over to the Kramer and Romkes families. The ship was soon being called the Tesla of the sea in the media. It illustrates what this pilot ship of the Masterplan Duurzame Visserij (Sustainable Fishing Masterplan) foundation stands for. It is an initiative that has many fathers and is symbolic for the innovative drive in the fishing industry. From 2010 onwards, a lot of hard work was carried out before ship could finally be launched. The Kramer and Romkes families were the ones who stuck their necks out and commissioned the construction of the ship.

    This ultra-modern ship’s striking innovations include the following:
  • The shape of the hull creates 30% less resistance
  • The hull is 20% lighter than that of a traditional ship
  • On-board sorting equipment, i.e. uninterrupted refrigeration chai
  • Mechanical stripping is undergoing further development
    However, the most important figures are:
  • 80% reduction in fuel consumption compared to traditional ships in 2010
  • 80% reduction in CO2 emissions.

At the beginning of 2016, therefore, the first results of the MDV 1 were proudly presented. The expected earnings model had been achieved. The values were in line with the forecasts and at 6700 litres per week the fuel consumption equalled the targets, which reduced the risk associated with rising fuel prices. The initiative with the twin rig pulse is also running as it is meant to. The payback period is reckoned to be 9-10 years.

The initiative by the MDV foundation and the entrepreneurs involved is attracting everyone's attention; from colleagues, national and European politicians and many media companies. In the end the ship was even nominated for the 2016 Ship of the Year award, which it won.

Prime Minister Rutte was full of praise during the award ceremony: “The Immanuel is a striking example of the innovative power of the Dutch cutter fishing industry. It means that once again we are forerunners in the world and it moreover demonstrates the kind of pioneering role the maritime sector can play in the transition to sustainable and responsible business practices. As a ‘pilot boat’ the fishing cutter Immanuel is part of the Sustainable Fishing Industry Masterplan, a consortium of businesses, knowledge institutes, government and NGOs. It is therefore also an illustration of one of the strong points of the Dutch maritime sector: the outstanding cooperation between government, knowledge institutes and businesses”.

And that was something the Company of the Year jury could not ignore.