First project in offshore industry

A campaign was recently launched through Urk's maritime crowdfunder Weforsea to fund the first offshore project. After successfully funding a dozen inland vessels and a fishing cutter, the Lift2Work project is the first project in the offshore industry. The target amount is €600,000.


Lift2Work from Rotterdam has developed a unique, innovative and multipurpose solution for transporting people and materials in the offshore (energy) industry.

The Lift2Work OPTS (Offshore Passenger Transfer System) allows people and materials to be transferred from a ship to, for example, platforms and wind turbines at sea in a safe and, above all, stable manner.

High returns for investors

Investors in this project (you can invest as little as €250) will receive an interest rate of no less than 9% with a short-term duration of 24 months. You can invest in this project at where you will also be able to find more detailed information about it. The website features demonstration videos showing the cranes and how they operate.