Snijder Schilderwerken

Snijder Schilderwerken (painting) and full maintenance provides professional services to companies as well as private customers. “We offer guaranteed artisan painting at a good price, and constantly aim to leave the customer satisfied after every job. It is gratifying to be able to say that the results we have achieved so far have been to our customers’ great satisfaction.”


Snijder Schilderwerken is all about strategic total maintenance. Piet Snijder, Owner-Director: “This means that we can calculate precisely in advance per object which approach will be the best in the long term. And also which approach seems the most cost-efficient in the short term. Our quotes never include unexpected exclusions and are always fully specified. Like our customers, we don’t enjoy ‘surprises’ either. That is why, for total maintenance, we have all the required disciplines in house. Construction, renovation, painting, facade cleaning, minor carpentry, wood rot in the broadest sense of the word, writing highly specified scenarios based on, for example, a certain net cash value at the end of a set period - whatever needs to be done, Snijder Schilderwerken aims to do better in every detail”.


Snijder Schilderwerken wants to present itself positively in the maintenance market and seeks to build lasting relationships with its clients and employees. Snijder Schilderwerken is a reliable, flexible and horizontally structured organisation with a progressive management that pays close attention to quality, safety, health and the environment.

    Snijder’s services include the following:

  • Metal preservation
  • Wood rot restoration
  • Wall finishing inMetal preservation the broadest sense
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Total maintenance presentation and results oriented
  • Minor carpentry
  • Ships’ paintwork
  • Facade cleaning
  • Fire damage repair (Snijder Brandschoon BV)

A few references: Connexxion water KNRM Maintenance of KPN buildings. Corio Vastgoed (shopping centres) Schouwburg Kunstmin Dordrecht Dredging Company de Boer BV

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