ROC Friese Poort – Maritiem

The Dutch maritime industry has been a prominent world-leading sector for centuries. If you are interested in everything that sails over the world’s oceans or inland waterways, choose a Maritime course. There is a selection of technical or nautical courses to choose from. You will learn how to maintain, repair and build ships and yachts, or you could choose to learn how to sail ships. A course in the water sports industry will primarily teach you about maintaining pleasure craft and giving sailing instructions. On a shipbuilding or yacht-building course you will learn about high-tech engineering and the construction of ships. On the nautical courses, you will learn how to sail ships on inland waterways or you could opt to learn how to sail the oceans.

For more information about maritime youth education: ROC Friese Poort maritieme techniek

Adult education

If you already work in the maritime industry but would like to broaden your horizon, try learning in a real-life situation at our own training wharf in Sneek. Learn how to sail a ship with the latest simulators on Urk.

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