Marble Automation

Marble Automation designs and supplies alarm, monitoring and automation systems for vessels and buildings. As well as supplying maritime products from its own product line - varying from alarm cabinets to watch alarm systems (BNWAS) - Marble Automation is a global expert in vessel automation.

Marble Automation started out specialising in automation systems for fishing vessels, but in recent years it has grown into a globally known and reliable partner in automation for all kinds of ships, from fishing vessels to bulk carriers and from sailing yachts to luxury motor yachts.


The characteristic no-nonsense mentality of the specialists at Marble Automation, the ongoing quest for innovations, an antenna for maritime developments and an eye for the wishes of the customer form the basis for an excellent partnership.

The staff at Marble Automation are able to supply you with a high-quality system in a variety of disciplines. These quality requirements are repeatedly assured when the systems are certified by various renowned inspection bodies (see bottom right of this page).

Enjoy the experience of working with Marble Automation, after which you too will say: “Marble Automation, Full Control!”

Full control!

Marble Automation’s mission is summed up by the key phrase “Full Control!”, which indicates that we are able to offer our customers full control of their system. The beating heart of your system is therefore in good hands at Marble Automation. This mission is a basic value for Marble Automation and is seen as a fundamental principle in all products and systems and internal and external processes.

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