De Waal BV

Machine factory De Waal is a family business and has been active for more than eighty years. Owner Marco de Waal (third generation) and director Albert Visser are at the helm of this great company, which specialises in propulsion and manoeuvring technology. The modern machine factory has all possible metal working machines and well equipped workplaces. In addition, De Waal has three mooring quays and two ship lifts. The company is centrally located in well-known Werkendam, allowing a large number of service vans and skilled engineers to provide fast service to all known fishing ports.

The professionals at De Waal engineer, produce, assemble and maintain high-quality steering gear, ship rudders and propeller shaft installations for inland navigation, marine navigation, fisheries and even the superyacht sector. De Waal's Stuwa products have been widely used in the fishing industry since the 1980s. At the time under the Promac label, but nowadays the world is allowed to know that the Werkendam machine factory is responsible for all these beautiful and reliable products in the field of drive and control equipment. De Waal is THE steering gear and rudder specialist of Europe and Stuwa is the brand. Shipbuilder Padmos knows all about it and equips nearly all new generation cutters with Stuwa steering gear.

Nowadays, the fishing industry can turn to De Waal directly for new steering gear, or for maintenance of existing Stuwa steering gear or gear from any other brand. De Waal has a lot of experience and know-how in building customised steering gear and supplies the better ram steering gear; traditional or compactly assembled. If desired, these products can be supplied as ‘plug & play’ products. Welding or bolting, plug in and go. De Waal distinguishes itself with extensive service, good after-care and fair prices. Fish cutters, hopper dredgers, short sea coasters, offshore working vessels and many other sea-going ships are sailing happily with Stuwa steering gear.

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