Berechja College

Berechja College offers a pupil in preparatory vocational secondary education a profile that is unique in the Netherlands:  Maritime & Technology.  This profile is a perfect preparation for the maritime vocational educational training at the ROC Friese Poort school in Urk.

Berechja College is a school that helps the pupil discover in which direction he wants to go and prepares him well for higher secondary vocational education.  Berechja College does this by working together with the pupil to set goals and stimulates him in his search for a suitable profession.

Maritime & Technology

ROC Friese Poort vocational school in Urk is responsible for the Maritime & Technology (MaT) programme within the (basis- and kader-) preparatory vocational learning tracks at Berechja College.  The pupil is taught subjects such as seafaring, navigation, fishing, safety and engine-room. Due to this collaboration between ROC Friese Poort vocational school and Berechja College in Urk, a pupil can easily move on to a maritime education at levels 2, 3 or 4.

The Commercial Fisheries elective course has been developed by Berechja College and is only offered in Urk!  A pupil can follow this vocational profile 12 hours a week.  The 12 hours consist of 6 hours of profile-oriented subjects and 6 hours of electives (eg. First Aid and Kitchen).

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